Tips & Tricks For How To Have a Beach Day With a Mobility Aid

December 20, 2023
Tips & Tricks For How To Have a Beach Day With a Mobility Aid
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How to take your mobility aid to the beach this summer

The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner which means one thing: days at the beach! 

If you’re wanting to enjoy your days on the sand without having to worry about your wheelchair or your mobility aids, we’ve got you covered. These are our top tips and tricks for bringing your mobility aid to the beach so you can enjoy the summer months with complete peace of mind. 

Choose the right mobility aid 

One of the most important factors in taking your mobility aid to the beach is ensuring that you choose the right one. Whilst a standard wheelchair or walker may struggle in the sand, there are specially designed beach wheelchairs and beach mobility aids that feature thicker, balloon-eque wheels that are much better suited for sandy conditions. 

You could also try an all-terrain mobility scooter as they are generally quite good at navigating a range of different types of terrain. If you’re still struggling to choose the right mobility aid, check out our guide to choosing the best mobility aid for you to help you on your way. 

Plan ahead

When preparing for any trip, planning is key to ensuring you have the best time possible. Whilst travelling with a mobility aid may require extra planning than a beach day, planning your day is still crucial. Ensure you head to a beach with accessible features like ramps or beach wheelchairs to rent – you may even want to check out the beach in advance to get a sense of the paths and entrances you may like to take on your way down to the sand.

Utilise beach mats 

Beach mats are a great way to use your mobility aids on the sand and an increasing number of beaches are using beach mats more frequently. In short, a beach mat is simply a mat that sits on top of the sand that provides a smoother surface for your mobility aid making it easier to get down to the water. 

Timing is key 

Much like planning is paramount, timing is also key for ensuring you have a great beach day with your mobility aid. You may want to head down to the beach at low tide so there is more sand and the sand is more compact which is much easier to manoeuvre through than the soft sand you’ll encounter at high tide. 

Ask for help

One of the key ways to ensure you have the best beach day ever is to ask your friends, family or support workers for help in getting you there. Asking for help can ensure you’re able to manage the sandy terrain and set up your spot with ease. Two hands are better than one as they always say! 

Stay positive & enjoy your day! 

One of the surefire ways to ensure you have an unbeatable beach day is to stay positive. You want to go into your beach day with an open mind and don’t let any potential challenges you may face with your mobility aid get you down. 

It’s time to embrace the warmer weather and get down to the beach, if you implement our Ausmed Health tips and tricks you are sure to have a beach day you definitely won’t forget! 

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