Ausmed Health Your Trusted Partner as a Certified NDIS Provider

September 01, 2023
Ausmed Health Your Trusted Partner as a Certified NDIS Provider
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Dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare solutions, Ausmed Health is thrilled to share its recent achievement as a certified National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. 

This significant milestone reinforces Ausmed Health's mission to offer inclusive and accessible healthcare services, with a particular focus on aiding individuals with disabilities. Through this certification, Ausmed Health is poised to make a substantial impact, ensuring NDIS participants have access to a comprehensive range of products such as walkers, continence care, furniture, and living aids that enhance their quality of life.

Empowering Independence

The NDIS stands as a transformative scheme that empowers Australians living with disabilities by offering them the freedom to choose and control their support services. Ausmed Health's certification as an NDIS provider perfectly aligns with these objectives. Our diverse product offerings, including walkers and wheelchairs for improved mobility, continence care for comfort, and adaptable furniture and living aids, are all designed to foster independence and provide NDIS participants with the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Ausmed Health's certification as an NDIS provider signifies its dedication to delivering comprehensive products and solutions that cater to the unique needs of NDIS participants. From essential daily aids to specialised equipment, Ausmed Health's product range is tailored to enhance comfort, accessibility, and overall well-being. 

With products like walkers that provide stability, continence care products that prioritise dignity, and thoughtfully designed furniture and living aids that promote ease of use, Ausmed Health ensures that NDIS participants receive holistic support that covers various aspects of their lives.


Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is at the heart of Ausmed Health's ethos. Becoming an NDIS provider further solidifies our commitment to working in tandem with participants, their families, and support networks to ensure that their product requirements align seamlessly with their goals. Transparent communication and involving participants in product selection processes enable Ausmed Health to deliver tailored solutions that address their specific needs effectively.


Expertise and Experience

With an extensive background in the healthcare industry, Ausmed Health brings unparalleled expertise to its role as an NDIS provider. Our team comprises professionals with diverse skills, including knowledge about walkers, continence care, furniture, and living aids. Our team's commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and technologies ensures that NDIS participants benefit from products that are both innovative and of the highest quality.

The certification as an NDIS provider marks a pivotal moment in Ausmed Health's journey to support individuals with disabilities comprehensively. We are looking forward to building robust connections within the NDIS community, collaborating with participants, families, and stakeholders to create a network of support that is reliable and empathetic. 

By prioritising continuous improvement and innovation, Ausmed Health aims to redefine standards in healthcare products, thereby positively impacting the lives of those it serves.

This achievement as a registered NDIS provider reflects our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers, exemplifying its core belief in the transformative power of high-quality healthcare products.

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